Analysis on what to expect as Lawmakers set to vote on proposals to end the US government shutdown

The United States Senate are making preparations to embark on two key votes which are likely to fails on Thursday towards ending the present government shutdown. One of the proposals to be voted on is backed by the Democrats while the other is by the Republicans.

The proposal backed by the Republicans is put together by the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.  Mitch McConnell is pushing for approval to fund the President Trump’s US-Mexico border wall to end the government shutdown. The Senate Majority Leader is towing the line of the proposal put together by President Trump over the weekend for $5.7 billion dollars for the US-Mexico border wall in exchange for some kind of temporal protections for some immigrants. This proposal is unlikely to see the light of the day as Democrats are insisting that the government should end the shutdown before any form of legislation on border security can take place.

The second proposal to be voted on is backed by Democrats to prevail on the government to end the shutdown without the provision for the southern border wall. They are pushing for President Trump to reopen the government before any legislation on border security can proceed.

Considering the extremeness of the two proposals, it is unlikely that any of them is likely to go through as both proposals will need 60 votes to advance which neither Republicans nor Democrats can boast of at the moment. Not minding the uncertainty of getting any result from the votes, the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer has stated on the senate floor yesterday that lawmakers has requested to put both proposal to a vote.

In spite of the announced votes which will be taking place on Thursday, there is very little or no hope to ending the government shutdown because Republicans are pushing for funding for President Trump’s US-Mexico’s border wall while Democrats are sternly kicking against it. Ending this stalemate at the Senate going is to be tested as senators prepare to vote on Thursday.

To put an end to the government shutdown the Republicans holding 53 seats will be requiring seven Democrats to crossover for the GOP bill to pass and there has been very little or no indication that this is a possibility. And for the Democrats bill to pass at the votes, the Democrats holding 47 seats will be requiring the support 13 Republicans to support their bill. The staggering numbers of lawmakers required by both parties is a big test to ending the government shutdown at the end of the votes on Thursday.

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