The future of Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham Hotspur

Since May 2014 when Mauricio Pochettino was hired as Tottenham Hotspurs manager, there have been a lot of changes in the team and he has managed the team so well to the admiration of many of their fans and so many other football lovers.

Some of the many exciting things enjoyed by Tottenham Hotspur’s numerous fans under Mauricio Pochettino include their present form in contenting for four trophies: The Champions League, the Premier League, FA Cup and the Carabao Cup. Tottenham is also set to move to their new 62,063 capacity stadium.

The success of the team is highly linked to the management style of Mauricio Pochettino who has lead the North London side to finish successive top-three in the English Premier League with a wonderful attacking football team built around their sensational striker, Harry Kane.

The success of Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham has attracted many suitors which include Manchester United and Real Madrid. With these big names in the world of football calling for his services, will he remain in Tottenham or say goodbye to the wonderful team he has been building since 2014. This is a decision which Mauricio Pochettino has to make in the next six months.

In the past few months he has been speaking on having a long stay at Tottenham Hotspur. In an interview with BBC Sports he even hinted that he would like to stay with Tottenham Hotspur for 20 years before leaving or possibly finishing his career at the North London side.  How long can he stay with all the rumours flying around about linking him with the big names in the football world?

With a semi-final win over Chelsea in the first leg of the Carabao Cup and currently sitting in the third place in the English Premiership table with six points behind the league leaders Liverpool, Mauricio Pochettino is getting close to winning his first trophy for Tottenham which will be a welcome development by bringing a new silverware to the trophy room of the new stadium.

Despite the success achieved so far, Mauricio Pochettino insisted that he is not under pressure to win a silverware. According to him, his major target is a top-four finish to secure a champions league spot for the club. He said this by claiming that the club has been unable to sign players like their other contenders as a result of the resources channelled towards the building of a new stadium.

Mauricio Pochettino despite make tremendous effort to move the Tottenham team to the top four in the English Premiership table is obviously not happy about the transfer policy of the club. The transfer policy of the club is a very worrying factor which is like to be the determining factor whether Mauricio Pochettino will stay or exit the club in the next six months. He will want to win trophies for the club by recruiting the kind of players he needs to do the job, but whether the Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy is ready to make available the kind of money required to attract these players is a different kettle of fish.

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