Atiku slams Buhari over Etisalat and Keystone banks shares

Atiku Abukakar who is the presidential candidate under the People’s Democratic Party has slamed President Muhammadu Buhari over the alleged ownership of shares by his family members in Keystone Bank and Etisalat Nigeria. He is calling on relevant agencies to investigate the President’s family members and to ascertain the source of funds used in acquiring huge amount of shares in the above-mentioned companies.

Speaking through Phrank Shaibu, his Special Assistant to Public Communication, Atiku, called for a probe of alleged ownership of about $2bn shares out of the $20bn global network shares of Etisalat Nigeria. This he claimed to be a substantial amount of shares.

Atiku has also claimed that he has enough evidence from  very reliable sources that President Muhammadu Buhari’s family members has a total assets (shares) of $1.916bn of Keystone bank and also about N3bn share in Pakistani Islamic Bank. He has expressed shock about the recent involvement of the family members of the president in the nation’s financial sector and call for a thorough investigation into the source of fund used in securing shares in Etisalat, Keystone and Pakistani Islamic Bank.

In his message to President Muhammadu Buhari, Atiku advised him to refrain from using state resources and machinery in propagating his re-election bid in the upcoming election. He wondered how President Muhammadu Buhari who was elected in 2015 with 15,424,921 votes was nominated by 14million APC members in the All progressive Congress (APC) presidential primary. He also asked the president to clarified his claims that 12 million farmers have donated huge amount of money to his re-election campaign.

Atiku Abubakar expressed fears that the president is deliberating concocting unreal figures to show that a lot of Nigerians had accepted his re-election bid and are ready to vote for him in 2019.

He wondered what the body movement of the president signifies. Is he indirectly telling Nigerians that no matter how they are going to vote in the 2019 election, he will manoeuvre his way back to Aso Rock Villa? Is the message he was passing across when he was flashing those occultic-like double four fingers which had just gone viral. What is the meaning those double hand four fingers? Does that mean that Nigerians should forget about free and fair election in the 2019 elections?

Atiku, in a mocking tone wondered if farmers who are yet to liquidate their loans in the borrowers anchor programme can make such huge donations to the president’s re-election campaign, we will soon hear that the more that 23.1 million youths who lost their jobs between 2016 till date has donated N12billion for the president re-election campaign and associated of widows and children of all slain by Boko Haram Terrorist group and herdsmen has donated N5billion to the president re-election campaign.

Atiku also wondered if Section 91 (9) of the Electoral Act of 2010 (as amended) which stated that no individual or entity shall not donate more than N1m to an aspirant or a candidate has not been contravened if the huge sum of monies claimed by the president re-election campaign to have been received is true.

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