Trump to put the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge up for sale to oil drillers

In a move that has sparked a public outcry by environmentalists, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is to be put up for sale to oil drillers by the Trump administration. This was made known by the United States Department of Interior (DOI) who is responsible for the management of most federal lands in the United States.


The decision to put up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on sale to oil drillers was published yesterday in a draft environmental impact statement proposing leasing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska to oil drillers for exploration of oil in the area.


In spite of the outcry by environmental conservationists, many of the residents in Alaska are also in support of President Trump’s decision to explore oil and gas in the wildlife reserve. This they believe will provide crude oil for the pipeline system at the Trans-Alaska regions and also act as a major contributor to the Alaska state economy.


Environmentalist are pushing to stop the Trumps administration from drilling oil in the area as they have claimed that oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will act as a threat to caribou and polar bear that inhabit the area, this they say that the Trump administration is aware of the implications of drilling oil in the area to wildlife inhabiting the area.


The decision to sell the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was described by the president of The Wilderness Society, Jamie Williams as a reckless decision which amount to putting up one of The United States wildlife reserve off for oil exploration not minding the impact on the environment, especially the wildlife inhabiting the area.


Citing the impact of oil exploration on the landscape and the native animals in the area, the leaders of the native Gwich’in people living in the area has condemned the decision of President Trump calling him insensitive.


The Executive director of the Yukon Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is also among those who believed that oil exploration at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will have a devastating impact on the Alaska and Yukon Territory and also on the wildlife in the area.

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