Social media companies indicted in Russian involvement into 2016 US election investigation

New developments in the investigations into the possibility of Russians meddling in the 2016 presidential election that saw President Donald Trump emerged as the president of the United States has indicted social media companies for not providing important information in their possession that would help in the investigation.

The online intelligence firm hired by the Senate Intelligence Committee to help in the investigation claimed that Facebook, Twitter and Google had information that are vital to the investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016presidential election which they have not provided to the investigation committee. Some of the information include accounts of Russian social media influencers who posed as American citizens to influence voter’s decision in favour of the Republican Party.

All the social media companies accused by the online investigation firm refused to comment on the accusations. However, Twitter representative stated that the company has been taking measures to ensure the health of users of their services by ensuring that their services are not manipulated by users since2016.

The revelation of the online investigation firm was as a result of their review of more than 10 million tweets, 116,000 Instagram posts and 61,500 Facebook posts by the Russian-government linked social media influencers.

There was also another report that has also indicted the International Riffle Association (IRA) for being very active in helping Trump to win through the use of social media influencers.

The social media influencers’ core goals were to divide American voters into different interest groups and influencing their decision in the favour of Trump by spreading incorrect information to left-leaning African-American voters about how to vote, who to vote and tried to undermine their faith in elections.Many other groups, include, Latinos, Muslims, Christians, gay men and women,liberals, Southerners and veterans.

The Russian-government linked influencers also try to distract, confuse and misinform Americans who were ready to challenge Trump.

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