Michael Cohen gets 3 years in prison after making implicating confessions against Trump

In a way that look like someone trying to say, “I am not the only one that will suffer for this crime”, Michael Cohen made several statements denouncing loyalty to his former boss by implicating President Donald Trump before he was sentenced to three (3) years in prison for several role he undertook while acting as an attorney and “Mr fixer” for the Trump Organisation. Some of these roles include campaign finance violations, tax evasion and making false statements to a bank as well as to Congress.

Among the several revelations made by Cohen include his admittance that Trump had the knowledge that he was silencing women who had claimed to have had affairs with his boss through arranging payment to stop them from coming forward to accuse him during the 2016 president election period. Some of the women who were reported to have been silenced include adult-film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Cohen stated that he was directed by Trump to make the payment because the Trump wanted to hide his affairs with the women as he was not sure to what extent their confession to having affairs with him could do to damage his chances of getting elected.

Do we really have to believe Cohen’s confessional statement indicting Trump? It is really very hard to believe Cohen at the moment because just a month ago he pleaded guilty of lying to Congress under oath. If he is capable of lying under oath to Congress, he could do to anyone, anywhere.

In response to Cohen’s confession, President Trump stated that he never instructed him to do anything wrong. The big questions are, “What exactly did Trump instructed Cohen to do?” And was Trump aware that Cohen was doing what he never instructed him to do? And if yes, “What was Trump’s action when he discovered that Cohen was acting against his instructions?” These questions are very pertinent because it is well known that whatever is done in the Trump’s Corporation must pass through Trump himself.

How does Cohen’s claim affect the ongoing Russia investigation? If Trump’s “Mr fixer” has confessed to have lied about arranging payment as a way of silencing women who could have come out to speak of having affairs with Trump and Trump was aware as claimed by Cohen, couldn’t they be lying about Trump’s relationship with Russia in 2016.

There have been so many reports of some of Trump’s campaign team members having contact with Russia. This is a claim that Trump has repeatedly denied. He has also denied having any business dealings with Russia throughout 2016.

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