More delays into Grenfell Tower fire inquiry announced

Hearing of the second phase into the devastating Grenfell Tower fire which led to the death of seventy (72)people on 14th June, 2017 at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of flats in North Kensington, West London would not happen until the end of 2019.This was according to Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick made this statement while speaking the necessary preparation which is required before kick-starting the second phase of the hearing. For campaigners, survivors and relatives of the victims whose lives were cut short in this unfortunate incidence, this is a bitter pill to swallow. This will only add to the trauma of those who are looking forward to the closing of the case and for justice to be served.

So people had agreed that challenges before the presiding judge are great but the delay in the hearing of the second phase of this case has become a very big concern arguing that rather that honestly engaging in the inquiry process, all the core corporate participants are doing is to obfuscate and blame shifting.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick claimed that documents to be reviewed before the next phase can commence amount to about 200,000 documents which are required to the reviewed and digested. He added that all individual hearing must be carried out according to the European Convention on Human Rights which include opening and adjourning coroners’ inquest of all who died in the incidence.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick assured all stakeholders that when all preparations required for the hearing of the second phase have been put in place, the hearing will commence and the case will be brought to close within a reasonable time frame.

Campaigners and relatives have indifferent occasions complained that the major cause of delay in the hearing is the deliberate obstructionism and shifting of blame by corporate entities involved in the refurbishment of the tower which had delayed Sir Martin Moore-Bick from concluding of the safety of the building at the time the disaster occurred.

This fact was buttressed by the statement made by Pete Weatherby QC in the closing remark at the first stage of the inquiry highlighting the inability or unwillingness to confront institutional or corporate candour.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick also addressed the concern of survivors, bereaved and city major, Sadiq Khan on the current location of the hearing at Central London Space by his announcement that a new venue had been secured in West London for the hearing of the next phase of the inquiry to enable easy access by the survivors and the bereaved when the second phase of inquiries kicks off.

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