What to expect when Manchester United clash with Liverpool this Sunday

Considering the fitness level,past performance and psychology, the Manchester United team is grossly an underdog as they plan to face the all guns blazing Liverpool team.

Liverpool is at the moment sitting on top of the English Premiership table with a point ahead of Manchester City while Manchester United is languishing in the 6th position with16 point behind Liverpool.

Judging by their previous matches, Manchester United does not look like a team that can stand on the way of Liverpool in the field of play. They have fallen behind the standard the Red Devils are known for. The team looks more of a compilation of individual average players who has consistently refuse to rise to the occasion when the need arises.

There is obviously nothing special to expect from the Manchester United team in Sunday match. The best they can do is sit behind to absorb the pressure as Liverpool is likely going to take the game to them in an authoritative tendency to conquer and to destroy.

Despite the low morale displayed by the Manchester United team in recent matches, United manager, Jose Mourinho in an interview has said that he will be going to Anfield to seek for victory.Just what any manager in the 6th position of the English Premiership table will say. But with his team capability, how far can he go?

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