The smartest and most practical solution to climate change

The incoming Democratic House of Representative-elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York’s 14th Congressional District who surprisingly defeated Rep. Joe Crowley in May has continued to steal headlines in different areas even before she resumed office to the extent that some analysts believed that she should be able to run for presidency.

The latest is her proposed bill to curb climate change which so many environmental analysts has agreed to the smartest, most practical and most reliable solution to the problem of climate change, which can also help in reducing poverty.

In her proposed bill, she is pushing for the creation of well paying green jobs which can help to reduce poverty and at the same time curb climate change.

In her argument, she stated whether people believe in the science of climate change or not, creating green jobs such as the manufacturing of solar panels, wind turbines and smart batteries will help to reduce poverty by creating employment for the poor who in most cases pay more whenever the discuss of climate change emerge.

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