Overview of HIV/AIDS

HIV was discovered to be the cause of AIDS in 1983.It is said to have
being originated in monkey and have first infected humans in the mid 20th
century.HIV  have caused several and
ultimately fatal failure of the immune system to protect the body against many
kinds of infection, resulting in health complications that are collectively
referred to as AIDS.

According to Leleji (2004), opined that HIV/AIDS pandemic has devastated
lives of individual, families and community in nearly every country on earth. HIV/AIDS
has being causing great suffering and death to individual and families.
He then further explains vividly the term HIV/AIDS as follows:
H: Human: The virus are only found in the human system and not on animals, insects
or non living things. This virus can be spread from one infected person to
another .the virus breaks down the body immune system i.e. the body defence
against infections and diseases, rendering the body vulnerable to other
 I: Immunodeficiency: This is the weakening of the body ability to fight
against infections. This weakness brings about the group of illness called
V: Virus: This is a tiny microorganisms that cannot be seen with our naked Wyse
but by the aid of a microscope. It is only through blood test or serum test, that
one can determine whether the virus is present or not. It is usually described
as sero-negative or sero-positive.
The virus art act the T-lymphocytes of the white blood cell which
constitutes the body defence cell (immune system) and multiply in the cell
eventually destroying them.
A: Acquired: (Not inherited) getting the virus from somebody else who is HIV/AIDS
positive or who is already infected with the virus. This refer to the fact that
the virus that causes AIDS is something people .ca obtain or get through sexual
contact or other possible means like; blood contact ,serum contact or
transplacenta which is from infected mother to her unborn child through the
I:Immune: Immune here refer to immunity of the defence cell or immune system that
is the ability to resist infections or fight against disease. Immunity means
protection against specific diseases. The immune system is the system in the
body that fight and disease .It’s functions is to stop any virus or foreign
body from entering the body .It does this by producing antibodies that fight or
eliminate the virus or foreign body from the person body attacked.
D:Deficiency: It means inefficient or shortage .In discussing AIDS, the word
deficiency goes with immune deficient or lacking immunity(ability to resist
infections) this means that the immune system has been weakened, and so it is
not working as it should, protect infected individual against other infections
and diseases.
S:Syndrome:This refer to a variety of different symptoms and diseases the grouping
of the illness connected with AIDS, makes AIDS a syndrome as at present, HIV/AIDS
has no cure.
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