Possible Solutions to the Issue of Maladministration in Health Care System

management of health care system according to McFarland (2008) is the type of
management which guides others forward through instruction and example. Good administration
is a quality that is important in every aspect of an organization especially in
the health care system. Poor administration can cause many problems for health
care administrators and for those who they manage. There will be a lack of
direction, disorder, low self-esteem and motivation and a lack of discipline,
which affects the quality of health care services rendered to people seeking
health care services. McFaland (2008) highlighted some solutions to the issue
of maladministration in the health care system which includes the need for
health care administrators to:

Self-esteem of Health Care Givers:
Health care administrators should make health care
givers and every other staff working in the health sector to feel important. Health
care administrators should ask for their advice and suggestions from time to
time, discuss subjects with them, compliment them, be willing to talk to them
and show them respect.
Effective Long- and Short-term Plans:
Effective organization in the health sector is a
key management tool. If health care administrators are well-organized, then other
health care givers are more likely to follow their lead than if the health care
administrators are in a state of disorder. Health care administrators should gather
facts and information to allow them to plan ahead, placing key dates and events
in a staff calendar.
Health care administrators should motivate others health care
professionals and make them feel essential to the overall process. They should learn
what other health care service providers want to achieve and gain from their
work. One person might want constant challenges while another might have a
desire to be promoted. They should remember that recognition of achievements
can be a bigger motivator than money.
when Necessary:
A health care administrator has to be able to deal
with the bad as well as the good. They should improve on their knowledge of
their staff and this can help them discipline them more effectively. Some
people require health care administrators to be firm while others respond
better to a suggestion of change. They should take the person aside and talk to
them about the issue in a way that is not embarrassing, making sure to listen
to their side of the story.
A good health care administrator should be able to
give others responsibility without trying to do everything themselves. They
must think about whether a job could be done better by someone else or if it
could free up time for you to take on another task. Delegation can make the
health care administrators’ job easier and boost staff confidence and
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