Bad Attitude of Health Workers towards the Actualization of Health Services

Poor attitude of health care services administers
and health care workers according to Oyibo (2012) has lead to the collapse of public
health sector in terms of provision of facilities and equipments as well as
adequate manpower to cater for the teaming masses trouping in to such places
more or less their only succour and hope contributed a lot in the proliferation
of private hospitals, nursing homes and laboratories and pharmaceutical shops
which in disguise also provide hospital services. It is all part of the private
sector driven economy and of course people have now come to terms with the
reality that working with government establishment alone will not put enough
food on the table.

Health sector which is no longer a social service
but essential and protective service has suffered a lot of deprivation which
include the exodus of doctors to greener pasture and the attitude of combining
government work and a private practice which is popularly tagged Private Practice
.  In essence they are
combining the two works compromising one and aiding one to flourish and
proliferate. The irony of private practice is such that, it is the same people
working in government hospitals that operate the private hospitals, and
laboratories too and to the bewilderment of the masses, they work in the
government hospitals for only few hours with no zeal and commitment to attend
to patients needs and before closing hours, rush to attend to clients at
private hospitals and if they are on duty (on call) at government hospitals,
they hardly turn up because they are busy making money elsewhere. The same
people at the end of the month will queue up to collect full salary and even at
times expect increment, money they have not earned, justify and deserve to have
(Oyibo, 2012).
The technicians and experts in the laboratories
will come up with bizarre laboratory findings if working in government laboratories,
one may not be able to interpreted and make any meaning out of that result. But
visit them at private laboratories, where they put in their best to attend to
clients. Another negative behaviour is the attitude of hijacking patients from
government hospitals to private health industries. One will come across a
medical doctor telling a patient that he may not be able to attend to him/her
because of some pressing issues elsewhere, but will recommend to the patient a
private hospital where his/her needs will be adequately catered for, only for
the patient to go there and discover that the same doctor that attend to
him/her at the government hospital own or is a partner to that private hospital
in question (Osemwota, 2007).
The major problem bedevilling health sector is nonchalant
attitude on the part of health workers and combining 2 to 3 works at a time,
thereby compromising their main responsibilities to patients with patience,
care, love and affection.  
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