Various ways people use to extract information without the consent of the organisation using health information system

commonly ways people use to extract patient’s information without the consent
of the organisation include:
BruteForce Attack: Any password can be cracked using Brute-force
attack. Brute-force attacks try every possible combinations of numbers, letters
and special characters until the right password is match. Brute-force attacks
can take very long time depending upon the complexity of the password. The
cracking time is determined by the speed of computer and complexity of the

Social Engineering: Social engineering is process of manipulating
someone to trust you and get information from them. For example, if the hacker
was trying to get the password of a co-workers or friends computer, he could
call him pretending to be from the IT department and simply ask for his login
Rats And Keyloggers: In keylogging or RATing the hacker sends keylogger
or rat to the victim. This allows hacker to monitor every thing victim do on
his computer. Every keystroke is logged including passwords. Moreover hacker
can even control the victims computer.
Phishing: Phishing is the easiest and popular hacking method
used by hackers to extract information without the consent of an organisation. In
Phishing attack hacker send fake page of real to victim. When someone login
through that fake page his details is send to the hacker.

Guessing: This seems silly but this
can easily help you to get someone’s password within seconds. If hacker knows
you, he can use information he knows about you to guess your password. Hacker
can also use combination of Social Engineering and Guessing to acquire your

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