Armed thugs invade Kogi State House of Assembly, strip lawmaker half naked and beat him to stupor

Suspected thugs on Tuesday, August 1st, disrupted plenary after they invaded
the Kogi State House of Assembly, stripped and beat up Friday Sanni
Makama, the lawmaker representing Igala Mela-Odolu constituency.
to an eyewitness, the House was about settling down for business when the
hoodlums armed with dangerous weapons forced their way into the chamber and
began pelting the lawmakers with stones.

of the thugs pounced on Makama, beat him black and blue and dragged him out
from the Assembly complex after stripping him half naked.
who was drenched in blood was almost lynched if not for the timely intervention
of the deputy speaker, Hassan Bewa.
was also gathered the thugs beat up everybody in sight, vandalised lawmaker’s
vehicle alongside several others while the police reportedly looked the other way.
version said the crisis was caused by some members who were bent on disallowing
Makama from resuming after a court quashed the six-month suspension handed him
by the House.
was reportedly suspended for dragging the Assembly to court over leadership
crisis, but a Lokoja High Court recently gave an order reinstating him.
another source said the crisis was hatched and executed to prevent the House
from sacking the Majority Leader, Matthew Kolawole, who is said to be a staunch
supporter of Governor Yahaya Bello and to stall debate on the Paris Club
source said the Commissioners of Justice and Finance, Mohammed Ibrahim and
Idris Asiwaju respectively, were slated to appear to explain how the state
government expended the bailout funds and the two tranchees of the Paris-Club
loan refunds received from the Federal Government.
Yahaya Bello and the Commissioner of Police stormed the complex with some
officers and thugs invited by one Hon. Bello who represents Ajaokuta State
constituency to lock up the premises in order to prevent plenary from holding.
reason is not unconnected to the perceived failure of the plot to impeach the
Speaker and replace him with the Majority Leader who is a staunch ally of the
governor. But, the Speaker himself having control of the House has also staged
a counter plot to have the Majority Leader removed today.
the governor has paid some arrears owed workers and pensioners in the state
with the funds received from the Federal Government. However, the House had
planned, today, to hear from the Commissioners of Justice and Finance how the
funds were expended by the state before this incident happened.”
on the invasion, opposition youth leader in the state, Austin Okai, described
the action of the governor and the police commissioner as a plot to truncate
democracy in the state and institutionalise autocracy “wherein the legislature
is suspended from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities.”
said it was unheard of anywhere in the world for members of the Executive to
physically storm a legislative complex with security operatives to prevent
legislators from doing their job.
is impunity in its highest form and must be stopped before it leads to an
oppressive regime,” he said.
Speaker, Umar Imam, describing the invasion as unfortunate and a threat to
blamed the police for not acting while the mayhem lasted, saying the assurances
of the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Wilson Inalegwu who was “physically” present
at the Assembly Complex did not yield any result as the hoodlums had a field


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