Africa’s largest rice mill opens in Nigeria

Federal Government’s diversification programme yesterday received a boost, with
Acting President Yemi Osinbajo commissioning Africa’s largest parboiled rice
mill in Argungu, Kebbi State.

The over N10 billion state of the art WACOT Rice Mill, which is privately
owned, is capable of processing over 120,000 metric tonnes of paddy rice

Speaking at the commissioning, Prof. Osinbajo said that the project underscored
the policy of the government that the private sector must be the engine of
economic growth and sustainable job generation.

He noted that the project had proved that the country could actually feed

The Acting President urged Nigerians to consume what we grow; stressing that
the agriculture policy of the Federal Government is to empower the largest
number of farmers and encourage young ones.

Speaking on the importance of the rice mill to the government diversification
policy, Osinbajo said: ” This Mill is important for several reasons: The first
is that it is the policy of the FG that it is the private sector that must be
the engine of devt. It is not just the private sector leading growth, but the
growth must be growth with jobs, it cannot be jobless growth we have seen a lot
of jobless jobs.

“But one of the critical things we are seeing today especially with the growth
of agriculture is that this is growth with jobs, several thousands of our
people are farming and are engaged in farming. I spoke to the MD earlier on and
he was saying that in this coming year they are expecting to be engaged with
50000 farms and that is the kind of private sector led growth that we want to

“The second is that the president laid out in the budget of scheme of 2016 that
we must grow what we must consume what we grow, it is up to us to grow what we

“This is a landmark achievement here, it is a signal to the rest of the
countries that Nigeria is not just opened for business but it is set for

The Group Managing Director of WACOT rice mill, Mr. Rahul Savara, hinted that
the company had a plan of investing further over N100 billion over the next
years in various agricultural value chains.

He noted that so far, over 5,000 small-holder rice farmers had been trained on
good farming practices, financial management, production cost optimization and
yield enhancement techniques.

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