20 Types of Bandages and Their Uses

1.         Tubular Bandage: It is used to dress injured joints and fingers
2.           Roller Bandage: To help keep dressing right at its place.
3.           Elastic Bandage: It is used to create localized pressure.
4.           Double-Spica Bandage: It is used on thigh injuries.
5.           Compression Bandage: It is used to protect injuries on one’s hands e.g. fingers.
6.           Hallus Valgus Bandage: it helps to keep big toe aligned and held in place and also used for post-operative trauma or for wound care treatment.
7.           Paste Bandage: It is used to treat atopic eczema.
8.           Strip Bandage: It is used for any small wound on a flat surface.
9.           Fingertip Bandage: It is used for fingertip, to wrap around the finger.
10.       Butterfly Closure Bandage: It is used to pull both side of a cut back together to promote healing and prevent infection.
11.       Donot Bandage: It is used to put pressure around impale object without putting pressure on the object itself.
12.       Pressure Bandage: It is described as a contorming gauze roll bandage that contain an inner layer of porous cotton to be applied to a wound site to hold it in place.
13.       Sterile Burn Sheet Bandage: They are non-woven, and are made of laminated tissue fibre that provide a sterile environment. They are used to prevent infection without sticking to the burned area. Used as a wet or dry dressing.
14.       Steri-Strips Bandage: They are used in place of stitches and they are great to close superficial wounds until you can get to place where you can receive stitches.
15.       Tensor Bandage: They are elastic stretch bandages that provide compression and a controlled pressure. Metal clips hold them in place, great to stop bleeding.
16.       Eye Patch Bandage: They are placed over wounded eye wrapped around the head. It is a good way to hold it place.
17.       Spiral Reverse Turn Bandage: It is used to bandage the lower forearm and the calves.
18.       Figure Eight Wrap Bandage:  It is used for joint such as the knee and elbow.
19.       Orthopaedic Bandage: It is used for rectifying bone damages and dislocations
20.     Liquid Bandage: It is a topical skin treatment for minor cuts and sores.

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