Kepler, Campus Counselor Job Vacancy in Rwanda

The application deadline is 15 October 2014. Early applications are strongly encouraged.
About Kepler
Kepler is a new
venture designed to educate students for competitive careers in Rwanda’s information
economy. Launching in 2013 out of successful NGO, Generation Rwanda, our pilot
program in Kigali, Rwanda will pair online courses with in-person facilitation
designed for the needs of students entering the global knowledge economy.
Kepler students will

be enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University and earn
a US Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Our pilot program will
determine how to deliver a low-cost, high-quality degree by blending online
academic content with in-person classroom facilitation. Our goal is to create a
model that can be replicated by us and others in dozens of developing nations
around the world—unlocking higher education and globally competitive jobs for millions
of graduates with the talent but not the means to attend university.

Position Overview
Kepler is
searching for an energetic candidate for the position of Counselor. Kepler currently offers off campus counseling, but would
like to begin a psychosocial group program for students and to provides one on
one counseling and extra curricular activities to build the student body
community. The counseling program is meant to harness and utilize the
multicultural aspects of the student body, so as to create a well-rounded and
integrated student environment unlimited by prejudice, gender bias, religious
limitations, ethnocentrism or racism. The Counselor’s overall mission is to
foster vision and effectiveness of student development services. The psychological
aspect caters for the development of holistically productive programs that
enable students to realize their fullest intellectual and personal potential.
In order to
achieve the above, the Counselor will work with and foster the student
interests while ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between all
stakeholders (academic staff, administrative staff, support staff and the
student body) within and outside of Kepler.
Kepler is a new
organization, and candidates should be interested in working in a dynamic
environment of a growing institution. 
Position Details and
is a full-time, paid position located in Kigali. The start date is 1 November
2014. The net salary is 433,000 Rwandan Francs per month and health insurance
is provided.
  • Foster and model an atmosphere of mutual respect,
    caring, collective engagement, accountability, and personal growth in a
    community of exceptional talent and diversity.
  • Liaise with other development programs and
    organizations in order to enable student friendly (and girl friendly)
    initiatives and student (and women’s) empowerment projects.
  • Coordinate student activities and support and
    advise all students on a broad base of developmental milestone
    acquisitions. Students may speak with the counselor about an issue or
  • Provide psychological services to all campus
    members through Group, individual, triads and psychosocial methodologies.
    Provide coaching in life skills, self-awareness, self-development
    approaches and their meaningful application to real life.
  • In partnership with Admissions and the CAO,
    oversee New Student Orientation and fosters the visibility and student
    awareness of all available resources meant to help students take a
    proactive responsibility for their own educational experiences.
  • Identify and apply increasingly effective ways to
    help highly motivated students manage the sometimes intense demands of
    their academic work.
  • Interact with academic staff to identify students
    with academic challenges and provide them with appropriate support
  • Organize and facilitate workshops for the campus
    to foster development of members of the campus while acting as a support
    structure to academic growth on the campus.
  • Provide Individual counseling of students and
    staff members, with observance of a strict and diligent code of conduct
    especially in relation to Non-malfeasance.
  • Offer emotional guidance and support to
    individual students; provide academic support counseling for student
    performance management.
  • Provide both trauma and grief counseling for
    trauma victims, with respect to their needs and with due diligence
  • Launch and manage a mentoring program, from peer
    to external mentoring.
  • Assist in extra curricular activities that
    encourage personality development and self-awareness. This may include
    sports clubs, prayer groups, reading club, debate club, entertainment,
    Anti SIDA, etc.  
and Skills: 
  • Masters or Bachelors degree in Social Work (or
    related fields)
  • A minimum of 3 years of counseling or social work
  • Excellent communication skills both oral and
  • Basic ICT skills (Word, excel, PowerPoint,
    internet use)
  • Professional observance of code of conduct and
    respect of client confidentiality
  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Adept empowerment and facilitation skills
  • Proficient Anger management skills and trainer
  • Good grasp of Emotional Intelligence applications
    and meditation training
  • Articulate and active listener
  • Very good with social and emotional cue reading
    and management
  • Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda
  • Demonstrated passion for working with young men
    and women, empowering them through education, an unshakable belief in
    their potential, and a commitment to the mission of Kepler
  • Excitement about working in a vibrant and
    evolving start-up environment
  • Extraordinarily resilient, positive and pro-active
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
    with exceptional attention to detail
  • An engaging and collaborative leadership style
    with mature interpersonal skills and the ability to juggle and manage
    multiple, competing priorities and deadlines
  • Understanding of culture and history in Rwanda
How to Apply & Contact Us
To apply, please fill out the online job application form. Please note that the online form requires submission of
a CV. Questions can be sent directly to the
Kepler Hiring Team.
All applications must be made using the online form.
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