Why Do People Resort To Violence?

A young man who lives in Spain was asked why he joined a militant group. He said that the oppression and injustice he suffered was unbearable. In the city of Bilbao where he lived, the police would come in , beat up people and arrest them.

He was arrested one morning for expressing his feelings about such police tactics. He was so angry that he wanted to do something – Something violence if necessary – to remedy the situation

Oppression and Revenge
Although not trying to justify violence, oppression may make people react in an irrational manner. Many become outraged when they are mistreated on the bane of their race, religion or nationality.

For instance, one fighter said, “Our land was taken from us by exploitation. Animals fight for their territories, so it seems natural to fight for our right.” Another militant in a statement he published on a social media site before his death in a suicide bombing reads, “until you stop the bombing, gassing, imprisonment and torture of our people, we will not stop fighting.”

Religious Motivation
In most cases, militants are often motivated by secular causes, there have been an increase in violence acts for religious reasons. A militant spokesperson sent a fax to one of the world leaders: “We are not crazy, neither are we in love with power, we are in services to God and that is why we are strict in our position.”

According to the book- The Age of Sacred Terror by David Benjamin and Steven Simon, Concerning religious motivation states, “In a world turning more religious, more adherents of the great faiths, and new burgeoning cults are placing violence at the hearts of their beliefs.”After documenting what he called “Spectacular acts of terrorism across the globe”, A researcher observed, “All are united in the belief on the perpetrators that their actions were divinely sanctioned, even mandated by God”.

But on a deep analysis of many religious militants, it is usually noted that they had an extreme view-points and do not reflect the traditional teachings and values of the religions which they are associated.

Etched into Hearts
Many militants which have experienced brutality are convinced in their heart that their hatred is justified, they don’t care if they had to die in the pursuit of what they hated. Often what is taught in most of the militant groups adds to the members’ reasons for engaging in violence. They are usually given the notions that some group of people are trying to dominate them or undermine their beliefs.

After analyzing the points above, one finds that people resort to violence as a result of the feelings of hatred or distrust.

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