The Explosion Of Academic Cheating

Academic cheating encompasses all illegal practices engaged in by students in order to earn better (in most cases undeserved) grades in an examination than they would under normal conditions. With this practices, students manipulates the academic process to their own advantage to earn better grades thereby putting the certifications of the educational institutions to disrepute.

This practices has been discovered in all levels of education from the elementary schools to the tertiary levels. In a survey of 20,000 first year university students in Canada, 73 percent “Admitted to have committed one or more serious acts of academic dishonesty on written work while in high school”, says the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)

One university reported that cases of cheating and plagiarism increased by an alarming 81 percent in just three years. According to Dr. Paul Cappon, president of CCL, “Over the past decade, internet and high-tech devices have enabled a virtual explosion of classroom cheating.”

In order to restore the integrity of our academic institutions and acceptability of their certifications, students must be made to understand the implications of their academic dishonesty and the reward for academic honesty.

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