University of Gothenburg University lecturer in Peace and Development Research Job Vacancy in Gothenburg, Sweden

The School of Global Studies is a creative and innovative environment for research and education in globalisation and global issues. We are looking for people who would find it stimulating to work within the School’s dynamic interdisciplinary forums. Together with holders of other positions at the School in Peace and Development Research, Social Anthropology, Human Ecology, Regional Studies and the study of Human Rights, the holder of this position will form part of a team whose primary responsibility is to work with the development of education and research within the School’s various subject areas.

This position covers teaching in international relations with a special focus on the relationship between peace and development. Teaching will be primarily at undergraduate level though some teaching at research level may also be required. Responsibilities include teaching both individual courses and on programmes. Scope for professional development/research is provided at the level stipulated in the general terms of reference for teachers at the University of Gothenburg. The successful applicant should be prepared to actively contribute to the development of the discipline by promoting and developing the School’s Peace and Development activities within the field of international relations.

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