ACORD National Coordinator Job Vacancy in Bujumbura, Burundi Position: National Coordinator

Location: Bujumbura, Burundi

Responsible To: Head of Programmes Operations & Development

Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) is a Pan-African
Organisation working for Social Justice and Development in 17 countries in

ACORD seeks to go beyond addressing the consequences of poverty by
understanding, challenging and changing the conditions that cause poverty and
exclusion through a Pan Africa Programme that unites practical work, research
and advocacy.

ACORD believes that people have a right to a just and equal society thus we
work in common cause with the poor and marginalized people who have been denied
their rights to help them understand, challenge and change these conditions.
ACORD’s response to the challenges of Africa is firmly based on a belief that
people themselves are the agents of change and actors of their own development.

People’s ability to take action on the causes of poverty is what will transform
Africa’s future. This belief underpins ACORD’s practical work, its research
methodologies and policy advocacy.

ACORD works in partnership with local civil society and communities and in
alliance with other organizations in Africa and the rest of the world to
achieve these aims.

Job Purpose

Under the supervision of the Head of Programmes Operations & Development
(HPOD), the Area Programme Manager is responsible for the strategic direction,
leadership and operational management of the Burundi Area Programme and
represents ACORD with the Government, Local and international partners in the

S/he will take the leading role in developing, overseeing, reviewing and
monitoring of the Country strategy and in ensuring alignment with the ACORD Pan
African strategic directions and overall thematic focus. The APM is responsible
for developing and managing new and ongoing programming initiatives, actively
leading the programme cycle management, and developing and managing

The APM is also responsible for ensuring cross learning and sharing knowledge
across the programme in all areas of programming as well as the national,
regional and international policy advocacy and development issues.

S/he is responsible for overall financial and human resources management of the
Area Programme as well as resource mobilization to ensure the smooth running
and financial sustainability of the Area Programme.

The position will be based in ACORD Country Office in Bujumbura with regular
visits to all project locations in Burundi.

Relationships with others

Under the supervision of the Head of Programmes Operations & Development
(HPOD), he/she will work in collaboration with staff in various
departments/units at the Secretariat: programming team (Pan-African program,
thematic managers, monitoring/evaluation), partnership development, funding and
communications, finance, human resources management and administration team.

Strategy development and implementation

  • Keep abreast on
    socio-economical and political developments in the Area Programme region
    and maintain close communication with the Secretariat on relevant critical
    factors and changes in the environment
  • Provide
    Leadership in the development and implementation of the ACORD Area Program
    strategy in line with the overall ACORD Strategic Plan and the context in
    the country/region
  • Facilitate the
    alignment of ACORD Area Program to strategic organizational thematic
    priorities and accountability mechanisms provided in the ACORD programming
  • Undertake timely
    strategic review of the ACORD Area Program Strategy ensuring continued
    relevance in the rapidly changing environment
  • Represent ACORD
    and its interests in dealing with government, international and local
    organizations, networks and medias in the Area Programme country/region
    and contribute towards consolidating and raising the profile of ACORD
  • Represent ACORD
    in round tables seminars, conferences and forums and other public events
  • Develop
    relationships with local organizations and networks
  • Establish
    national and regional strategic relations and alliances with partners and
    civil society working in common cause with ACORD objectives
  • Maintain good
    partnerships relations at National and International levels
  • Lead on the
    development of area program document and projects, providing sound
    methodological and technical support, informed by participatory
    methodologies, human rights and social exclusion framework as per
    organizational programming approach
  • As part of the
    Area Program, develop and implement a research and advocacy plan on
    focused issues of relevance in the country/region aligned with ACORD’s
    global priorities
  • Lead the
    planning, implementation and monitoring of the advocacy plan
  • Participate in
    national and international campaigns in line with the advocacy plan and
    other relevant opportunities
  • Mainstream
    gender equality in Area program policies, strategy, program and projects
    development, management and evaluation
  • Carry out
    participatory annual budget planning as per organizational guidelines
  • Promote a
    participatory approach in programming work and create space in the
    structure for staff participation and involvement in decision making
  • Ensure there are
    updated systems and processes for monitoring activities, results and
    impact assessment at program level
  • Provide continuous
    monitoring and support to existing projects and coordinate program
    reviews/internal evaluations and facilitation of external evaluations in
    close collaboration with the M&E and Programs Operations Manager in
    the Secretariat
  • Ensure that the
    monitoring and evaluation system is participatory and involving the team
    and partners
  • Carry out an
    adequate follow up on implementation of the findings from internal and
    external evaluations
  • Facilitate
    trainings, researches and learning of cross-cutting relevance to programs
  • Coordinate the
    production of timely quality program reports

In close communication with the Partnership Development Unit and the Programs
Operations Manager

  • Keep abreast of
    the trends within the donor environment in the Area Program and
  • Undertake local
    and international fundraising initiatives
  • Ensure that
    effective grant management systems are in place and are consistent with
    the overall organization fund seeking and management policy and promote
    their application
  • Be aware of all
    donors conditionality in the Area Program country/region and monitor
    adherence to donors conditionality
  • To produce good
    quality funding proposals and respond to call for proposals
  • Facilitate donor
    visits and evaluations as necessary

In close collaboration with the Head of Finance and the Programs Operations

  • Ensure effective
    implementation of the overall Finance Manual
  • Ensure adequate
    budget monitoring and review
  • Review accuracy
    of accounts and carry out periodic checks on financial matters
  • Monitor the
    delivery of accounts on a timely basis and comment on any significant
    variances arising from budget monitoring
  • Check and verify
    all inventories
  • Facilitate
    annual and project-specific audit processes within the Area Program
Resources Management

In close collaboration with the Human Resources & Organisational
Development Manager and the Head of Programmes Operations & Development

  • Provide
    leadership support to Area Programme staff and promote best practices in
    human resources management
  • Coordinate
    regular reviews and update of the human resources policies and procedures
    for the Area Programme in compliance with the overall human resources
    management manual and the national labour laws
  • Oversee adequate
    implementation of performance management processes including performance
    planning and review
  • Oversee and
    monitor efficiency and fairness of recruitment processes across the
  • Provide Coaching
    and Counselling advice to staff when necessary
  • Coordinate the
    development of a staff development plan in line with strategic directions
    of ACORD in the Area Programme
  • Organize regular
    meetings with the strategic management team and all staff for the purpose
    of exchanging information, coordination and learning
Communication and learning
  • Ensure that the
    programme is maintaining a coordinated and agreed information exchange
    both internally and in its dealing with external parties
  • Ensure that key
    programme documents (strategy programme document, projects proposals,
    research and reports …) are internally shared with the Secretariat and
    agreed upon before communicating to donors and other external parties
  • Ensure that all
    communication infrastructures are set up in the programme and smooth information
    flow is maintained
  • Ensure that
    experiences and best practices are documented and shared across the
& Collaboration

The National Coordinator is under direct supervision of the Head of Programmes
Operations & Development in Nairobi.


  • Master Degree
    level Education in development or program management studies;
  • At least five
    (5) years working experience in the INGO sector in Africa;
  • At least 3 years
    working experience working in management positions;
  • Proven
    experience in research and advocacy
  • Strong People
    and financial Management skills;
  • Strong
    experience in strategy, program formulation and implementation;
  • Familiarity with
    and commitment to a gender approach to development;
  • Familiarity with
    and commitment to participatory methodologies;
  • Knowledge of
    current thinking on development issues and methods;
  • Computer skills;
  • Excellent
    written and oral communication skills.
  • High level
    conceptual, strategic thinking and analysis skills;
  • Strategic
    decision making;
  • Adaptation
    skills: work in a multicultural environment;
  • Decision-making
    and problem solving skills;
  • Communicate with
    impact with various stakeholders
Remuneration: A competitive
national package

the application form from this link and apply to:

Resources & Organisational Development Manager

Nairobi, ACK Garden House,

O. Box 61216, 00200,


+254 20 2721172, 2721185/86

apply, please complete an application form (attached above) and e-mail it with
a detailed Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to
with the Job Title in the Subject Box.

October 2011

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