Volunteer Latin America Volunteer in Forest Reserve Job Vacancy in Ecuador, South America

This project manages and protects over six thousand hectares of native forest. It has reforested hundreds of hectares of dry tropical forest in abandoned pasture lands or burned areas within the reserve since its inauguration. The forest reserve holds immense biodiversity, boasting 219 species of bird — eight of which are globally endangered, including a subspecies of the Great Green Macaw Parrot.

Help is needed in the nursery which specializes in producing native dry forest trees for use in local reforestation projects. Volunteers help to collect and process seeds, plant seed beds, water them, and carry out monitoring of restoration parcels in the forest. Volunteers can also contribute to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work (cleaning cages, feeding animals, etc). The project constantly receives parrots, macaws, monkeys and other wildlife species, donated or confiscated by government authorities.

This project provides the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the protection of a tropical forest in a cross-cultural setting.

The project costs £1.50 per day which includes accommodation in the forest reserve. Volunteers purchase and prepare their own food. Lunch is provided at the forest reserve office for an additional £1.50 per day.

Please visit the Volunteer Latin America website to find out how to request further information and/or to apply: http://www.volunteerlatinamerica.com

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