Building A Subscriber List By Setting Up A Contest

This is my favourite method. Basically what it is, is you get a group of publishers all to agree on running a contest to their lists and you run the same contest to your list.

To enter this contest, these subscribers from your list must subscribe to the other publishers lists and vice versa.

The contest could be for anything, depending on your market. Perhaps the publishers your contact all have ebooks for sale, you could give a free copy of all your ebooks out to the winner. Anything of value that works.

You then setup a domain for this specific contest and put all the information needed on that. You then tell your list about the contest and where to go to enter and how. Everyone on your list who enters then gets subscribed to the other publishers’ ezine and you get their subscribers.

Here are the steps…
1. Find 4 or 5 publishers in your market.
2. Contact them and tell them your idea and that you are willing to do all the work, all they need is to do is give you their signup information and something to offer for the contest.
3. Set up a domain name and website/sales letter that tells people how to enter and all the information needed.
4. Write a mailing piece that each of the publishers can use to promote the contest.
5. Get a firm date when these publishers will run the contest mailing piece and how often.
6. Send these publishers the names and email addresses of subscribers.
7. Add the subscribers to your list, make sure you check for duplicate email addresses so you don’t add people already on your list.
8. Pick a winner!

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