Building A Subscriber List By Buying Solo Ads

Whenever I advertise with ezines, it is usually solely with Solo Ads. These are ads that are sent out by themselves, unlike classified and other ads that go out in the ezine itself.

This ad will go out by itself, so it needs to be fairly good length. While some people say shorter ads work better for the simple fact that the readers has less to read, in reality, a very well written longer solo ad will pull much better.

There are usually word and length limits to these ads so when you are creating them, it might be good to check around at what the normal length of a solo ad is in your industry.

You might even check out the posting guidelines of other ezines so you can know exactly how long they like their solo ads.

The best bet to make a compelling solo ad is to work really hard on the headline. If you can write a very compelling headline for your ad, the rest of the ad should follow.

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