How To Make Money Online With A local Online Mall

You can make money online by helping small business owners in your hometown or local area with a local online mall. You can do this by creating a basic website that advertises local retail shops, restaurants and service providers. You can monetize your online mall even more with affiliate advertising revenue sharing programs like Google Adsense.

Consumers who don’t like to deal with busy malls love online malls because they can get their shipping done right from home without fighting crowds or battling for parking spaces. Be sure to set up a mailing list to send out regular notices about sales and special offers happening on your website. Use an autoresponder to follow-up with local residents.

Here are some ways to get a lot of visitors to your local mall:
• Word of mouth advertising
• Local Radio shows
• Public access television
• Local morning shows
• Press releases, featured stories or paid advertising in local newspapers and publications
• Pay-per-click and other online advertising
• Flyers in local stores
• Postcards and door hangers

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