How To Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos

It seems like almost everywhere you look these days someone has a digital camera and is taking pictures non stop. If you are one of those photo bugs who never get enough of taking pictures then a good way to turn your passion into profits is by becoming a stock photographer.

Some photos are pictures that you allow company to use for a commission. You may receive a flat fee per photo that is acceptable or a commission on each download of your photo. Stock photography companies offer paid memberships to customers in the graphics or photography industry. Their membership fee allows them a certain number of credits that they may use to purchase the photos that they need for a particular project.

There are lots of stock photo companies around today such as:

You can take a look at each of the above to determine which you prefer. One major feature that I like about Shutterstock is that they have a forum where designers request the specific photos that they want. Other sites have forums but none that I have seen make it easy to know exactly what will sell. When you know just what the designers are looking for you will what photos to submit and get a lot more money.

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