How To Avoid Webmasters Mistake of Not Capturing Visitors Information

Okay, so you have got some websites built, they are optimized and monetized and you are actively promoting them to get traffic. Excellent formula but let not forget about the real money on the internet and where it is made; on the backend.

See, once you have done the work to bring people to your website, now is the time to capitalize on that effort. The real money in the internet is made on the backend-After the visitor has left your website.

Just think about that for a moment from your site visitors’ perspective. They are searching for some information with no intention whatsoever of pulling out there wallet and buying anything, then all of a sudden they stumble upon your website.

One of three things is going to happen here:
1. They find the information they are looking for so they stick around a while. Eventually they leave, most likely never to return. (honestly, the chances aren’t good they will never find your site again).

2. They don’t see anything they like and they leave, almost assuredly never to return again. Granted you can somewhat control how long your visitors hang around your site by publishing quality content and providing an excellent visitor experience, but it did you notice how the end result of both scenarios is the same regardless?

It makes no difference how long your visitors hang out on your website, all of them will eventually click away, and chances are they won’t be back again – unless you implement this third alternative.

3. They find the information they are looking for so they stick around a while (this one’s a gimmee). While they are at your site they request for you to email them more information and give you their email address so you can keep in touch with them – then they leave – But you have “captured” their contact information, so you can get them back to visit in the future.

No doubt this third scenario has to make more sense, but why would your site visitors give you their name and email address in the first place, along with permission to contact them? Because you are going to ethically bribe them with something they want and are looking for “more information” related to the topic of the site they are visiting.

But instead of just articles, you offer them something of greater value, like an e-book or a special report. For instance, if your site is about “dieting”’ you could compile a set of private label articles into a small report like “Dieting Dos and Don’t”, get a nice e-cover designed for it then give it away as an incentive to join your list.

Then you could start you own digital newsletter or “e-zine” and offer a free subscription as a follow up with them by sending valuable and beneficial information. Let them get to know and trust you, and then make “recommendations” for products related to the topic of your list.

Believe me when I say: This very process is the key to your online success, regardless what niche you are in, because most people won’t buy on their first visit to any website. So if you want them to “return” you have to keep in touch.

Let’s take a look at each individual part of this ‘system’
1. Offer a valuable incentive
2. Capture your visitors’ details
3. Follow up with quality content
4. Make recommendations/offers

Step 1: Create or acquire a quality incentive that has people scrambling to get on your list
Using some good fashioned private label content you could easily create a special report or e-book related to the topic of your site. The trick is to offer something people would actually want to read – because if none is looking at your material, it might as well not exist. So put some thought into it and really strive to provide a good content. Also the more unique and original you can make the better.

A good rule of thumb is never to give away something you couldn’t charge money for. If people are willing to pay you for it anyway, then typically they will not have a problem exchanging their name and e-mail to get it.

Step 2: Make it possible for people to automatically sign up for your e-mail list and receive your freebie
In this step what you want to do (if you don’t have one already) is set up an “autoresponder” account.

In case you are not familiar, autoresponders perform three key functions for you:
• They allow you to “capture” the names and e-mail addresses of people who visit your site(s), thus building your own profitable database of subscribers and customers within your target market.
• They provide an easy way for you to follow up with your subscribers, which is very critically important since most people don’t buy on their first visit.

The neat thing about autoresponders is how you can “set and forget” the messages to be sent out automatically at the specific intervals you choose – with no involvement on your part whatsoever. They make “broadcasting” a special offer or important announcement to your list as easy as clicking a button.

Step 3: Follow up and educate your subscribers to cultivate a relationship and brand yourself in their minds, thus creating a steady stream of repeat visitors and customers

Read my lips: The best way to “sell” your subscribers something is to first “educate” them. Don’t just slam them with advertisements every day, instead send them valuable content related to your topic, such as:
• Informative articles
• Special reports
• Expert interviews
• Audio reports
• Product reviews
• Demo videos

In other words, give them information they will find useful and they will be more apt to listen to your offers/recommendations.

Where do you find such as this to offer your subscribers? Well that’s easy. You “create” it, or find an affiliate program that offers you customizable promo tools you can brand with your affiliate link.

In fact, by creating your own marketing materials you can use the ‘content’ itself to plug products you earn commissions on, say as an affiliate for instance. Obviously you will want the information and products to be related to the overall subject, this way your message is targeted.

Here is what I mean:
Let us say someone signs up to receive your report “Dieting Dos and Don’ts”. It is pretty safe to assume this person is reading the information because they are interested in learning more about the subject of “dieting”.

Because they are interested in “dieting”, you can also assume they would be interested in other information related to the topic, like “weight loss”, “exercising”, etc.

What you have to do is “recommend” a paid product from within your free product, but only if it is related to the same topic, so you know the reader will be more likely to buy it. (So if your report is on dieting, then tell your readers about an e-book from Clickbank like “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” or “The Diet Solution”).

By “targeting” your market with “content” in this manner, you will be guaranteeing yourself Quality, pre-qualified visitors to all your sites and offers. Now, you could go even further by offering your report with “Giveaway” rights so others can pass it along to their friends and associates. Do this and watch what happens, it can be pretty exciting.

So to sum this up, once you have got someone on your e-mail list, follow up with quality content – but very so often, make them related offers they would most likely be interested in buying.

Step 4: Make recommendations for products you have either created yourself, or one’s you are marketing as an affiliate – but do so in a way that gives the user more value than what they are paying for
I learnt some time ago: If you make no offers, you make no money. Simple as that.

Again, I am not referring to blasting out ads everyday. I am saying to make an offer in your signature when you send out an article. Mention a product from inside your reports and e-books that fills a certain related “need”. Introduce people to your products in these fashions, and then send an e-mail making them an offer.

If you are offering true value and you are providing good content, then you have earned the right to ask for their business. Why not? If you don’t someone else is going to.

So what types of “offers” am I referring to here?
Well for instance, let us say you are an affiliate for “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” e-book. You could compile a set of 4 reports all centered around the topics of “Health, Dieting, Exercise, etc.”, then give it away for free to anyone who purchases the e-book through your affiliate link. All they do is e-mail you the receipt after they purchase through your link, then you e-mail them back the details of how they can download their bonus. Or you could make an offer that if they buy the e-book from you, you will give them the 4 report plus a “video e-book” on the subject – then just compile related videos from YouTube (that you can make money on, by the way) and link them inside a PDF document.

Give it a unique title like: “helpful, Healthy ‘Health Videos” or something, then use it to build value in your bonus offer. Or sell this video e-book at a “special discount” to your readers and use the 4 reports as the bonus. It is up to you because it will be your product and you can do what you want with it. Keep in mind that a lot of times people will buy what you are offering just to get the bonuses. I know I have, and I am sure you have too.

The point is here to make a no brainer offer that gives your customers more value than they would otherwise get if they just bought the product separately without going through your link. But first make certain you have earned the right to by offering solid content (get the feeling it all boils down to the quality of your information? Hmmm…).

If you have followed this formula and are “educating” your subscribers with information they are interested in (which is why they visited your site in the first place, remember?). Then enhances the information they are looking for – I know I would be. Look, I don’t know about you, but I love a good deal – and your subscribers. Okay, so how do you craft an e-mail that actually gets people to buy what you are offering? Let’s fine out.

How To Write A Killer E-mail Promotions That Get Results
You could have the largest e-mail list on the planet, but if you don’t know how to convert your subscribers into buyers, you won’t get very far. You have heard the phrase “the money is in the list”, and if you have being paying attention then that is precisely what I am suggesting you do is build a list. But don’t let anyone fool you, the real money is in your customer lost and that is why you have to put some real effort into your e-mail promotions.

You see, anyone can write an e-mail promo, but not everyone can write a promo that actually makes money. Your success as a marketer is almost always determined by how well you can “work your list”. Imagine being able to send out an email, then sit back and watch the sales poured in.

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