Free Marketing Tools Webmasters Must Not Overlook

One of the most frequently asked questions on my blog posts and my mentoring clients are “what tool do you use each day to run your business?” Due to the frequent reoccurrence of this question, I thought it would not be a bad idea to write an article on free marketing tools webmasters must not overlook.

1. Google Reader
If you are not currently using RSS to keep up to date with the best content on the web, then you really need to start today. Almost all blogs publish as RSS feed, and that means that if you use an RSS fees reader, you can have the content of that site delivered to you as soon as it happens. You will never have to go looking for your favourite sites again and once you start subscribing to you start subscribing to your RSS feeds, you will discover that you save a lot of time which you can now use to grow your business in other ways. There are a lot of different RSS readers out there, but my favourite is Google Reader. It is completely free, very easy to use and it will save you a lot of time.

2. Roboform
If you want to earn more and work less, then you really need to download Roboform today. Out of all of the different marketing tools that I have used, this one saves me the most time by far. If you are anything like me then you will have dozens of usernames and password for a lot of different sites. I have so many passwords that remembering them would be impossible, so I once tried saving them in a spreadsheet, but found that really didn’t save me much time at all.

Roboform makes the whole process much easier, as it saves all of your different login details inside a toolbar that sits at the top of your browser. To visit any site you just select it from the drop down menu and then Roboform takes you to the relevant page and logs you in.

3. Stumbleupon Toolbar
If you want more traffic (and don’t we all), then you need to download the Stumbleupon Toolbar today. As you surf the net you simply hit the little “thumbs up” icon on the toolbar, and this then gets added to your profile as a site you like. Each stumble brings a nice little burst of traffic to my site, but the real beauty happens when you build a network of friends and other start stumbling your sites on a regular basis.

Like all the social networking sites, the traffic isn’t of brilliant quality, but if you are going to use one social networking site to drive traffic then make it Stumbleupon. I previously used a secret pen name when using Stumbleupon, but have recently discovered the power of using my real name to drive traffic by participating more.

4. Zamzar
Zamzar is a fantastic free online tool that allows you to convert files from one format to another, without the need to download bulky software. It supports a huge variety of different formats, and it is perfect for those times when you need to convert something to a PDF fast, or when you need to turn a gif into a jpeg.

5. Good Keywords
Good Keywords is a cool little downloadable program that helps you with your keyword research. It has a lot of features and is pretty fast too.

6. Google Alerts
Google Alerts is another fantastic timesaver that is completely free and which helps me save lots of time during the day. You simply tell Google what keyword you will like to monitor and then when that keyword appears in Google, you get a nice little e-mail telling you about it.

This saves you having to spend time looking foe new content on different topics and instead you can let Google notify you as soon as anything hits the net.

7. Onlywire Bookmarklet
Social bookmarking is huge right now and it is a brilliant way to drive traffic for free. If you are not currently using social bookmarking as a way of driving traffic to your sites, then start today and enjoy the traffic that it sends you. One of the problems with bookmarking is that the whole process of submitting your site across multiple different services is time consuming and tedious, but this problem is fixed by Onlywire.

Onlywire is a 100% free service which allows you to bookmark your sites across different services with one quick and easy click. Getting setup is a bit of a pain as you have to first register a lot of different services, but once you are through, you can bookmark each site and a lot of different services with just one click on your toolbar. If you want backlinks and traffic then you need to start using this free tool today.

8. Gimp
Whatever you do online, there is a good chance that at some point you will need to use some sort of graphic editor. Gimps will be of good help. It is completely free of charge and has more than enough functions for most internet marketers to grapple with. If you can’t stomach the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive graphics package, then Gimp is a fantastic free alternative.

9. Picresize
Picresize is used to make e-books. It is used to resize the pictures inside the e-books. Most people use Fireworks or Snagit, but I think a try at Picresize is worthwhile. It is a free web based resize and you simply upload your imagine and then select how big you want it to be and that is it. Your picture will be resized as quickly as a flash.

10. Smart FTP
Smart FTP is used to upload files into the net using FTP software. It is quick and easy to use.

11. Copyscape
If you are ever worried about people stealing your content online, you can find out using a heck out Copyscape. The debate is still raging about whether penalties for duplicate content exist or not, but I would advise you to have a quick peep if anyone has stolen your content every now an then.

Simply type your website address into the box, and then click submit and this free tool will rush off and check if anyone is copying your page when they shouldn’t.

12. Camstudio
The internet is getting faster around the world and 2012 is really going to be the year of the video. Camstudio can help you to communicate your message to your target market. You can also use a Camtasia for the same purpose. Camtasia has some advantages over Camstudio, because Camstudio doesn’t have a button to turn down northern English accent.

13. Google Analytics
Google analytics is used to track your visitors’ numbers and their location. This will help you to test different element in your market.

14. eBay Pulse
eBay pulse is used to check what people are searching for online. This will enable you to know the niche to base your attention on. The eBay pulse shows you not just what people are searching for, but what people are actually buying and that is a powerful information to have at your fingertips in planning your marketing niche. The majority of eBay searches will be from qualified buyers looking to spend money.

While normal keyword research tool might show you what people are searching for, the eBay pulse shows you what they are actually buying and every marketer should dip into this site when doing market research.

15. helps you with alternative words during writing when your brain suddenly goes blank while writing an article.

16. helps you when you are sending a file too big to be sent via e-mail.

17. Alexa
Alexa is a free tool that allows you to find out the traffic levels of any site online. It can be a tad unreliable, but it does give you a good indication as to how many hits a site is getting. Making money online is all about traffic and conversions, and there are plenty of people with lots of sites who have low traffic levels but high conversions at high points.

But if you are ever a bit suspicious that a marketer is “exaggerating” claims about their success then you can learn a lot by snooping around Alexa.

18. Stock.XCHING
Stock.XCHING is used to brighten up your sales pages. It adds some life to your blog. It provides you with some photos completely free. Some of the pics come with some restrictions from the author (Check before you use them), but most have unrestricted right attached.

19. Blogpulse
Blogpulse is a free research tool that allows you to discover what is hot and what is not in the blogsphere. You can track conversations in blogs and see the trend of particular keywords over a period of time.

20. Google Docs
Google Doc is basically a place to store your documents online, with the added benefit that you and others can edit files at the same time.

21. SEO Book Keyword Tool
SEO Book Keyword Tool helps to research keyword.

22. helps you to start making money online if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. It allows you to create a free blog in seconds, meaning that you have a new page live online in minutes.

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