5 Wonderful Tips On How To Write The Middle Section Of Your Sales Copy

1. Introduce your solution through your product or service.
You may want to show your prospect some other alternatives before moving in with your own, but show them to be somewhat visible than yours.

For instance:

Sure, you can attend a seminar but unless you have the deep pocket, this option is well way out.

And guesswork? Forget it. You don’t have the risk tolerance for more financial mistakes and no more time to waste.
So what is the best solution?
Introducing “ Your Name Product Here”

2. Put all your benefits in bullet form.
There is no neater way than to highlight all the benefits of all your product or service out in bullet form (spaced out in between) like:
 Insert benefit #1
 Insert benefit #2
 Insert benefit #3

Important: Don’t confuse benefits with features. Features are what your product may appear and look like. Benefits are what the product can do for your prospect’s good.

For example

Feature: The product comes in PDF format.

Benefits: You can download the product instantly and not have to wait for 6 weeks of delivery!

Feature: The E-book is 40 pages long.
Benefits: My manual doesn’t carry fluffs, hypes and “beat around the bush” material. You get strictly all of what you need to know from my manual and I promise you all your guesswork will be eliminated 40 pages later.

3. If you are running a membership site or the product has a lot of components to address, divide the benefits section into several easy-to-read portions.
You will do well to table the components and sections of the benefits accordingly.

For instance
Component 1:
Every month, you receive 10 brand new products with Master Resell Rights. I guarantee you’ve never seen before, because we are taking the liberty of producing the products straight from our hot hard drive. And you can resell these products at any price you wish and keep 100% of the sales…no profit sharing involved.

Component 2:
Sales Letters & Graphics Pack
With each of the new products, you also receive a professionally written sales letter complete with mini site graphics to help you sell the product for you.

4. Give only hints in the benefits, but don’t give the secret away
Because when you give the secret or the contents of your product away, there really is no point in prospects buying your product…because all the core information is readily available in your sales letter.

Also, don’t make it easy for people to guess your contents or secrets.

For Example:
 Discover the one little trick you can use to maximize your conversion rate… just by adding this one word to your headline.
 How to use G__________ to build your mailing list at zero cost.

5. Stress more on “What is in it for your prospects” and don’t be too much of yourself.
In other words, refrain from using too many I’s and more of You’s in your benefits. Generally, people don’t like self-centered people (even if they are themselves).

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