How To Make Your First Impression Count

When you meet another person for the first time, It is similar to when you are tasting a certain food for the first time. The decision whether you are going to eat the food again or finish the portion in front of you is determined by the first bite. That is exactly how your first impression on someone affect him.

Whatever you are looking for, whether a job, a friend or a marriage mate, your success may depend on the first impression you make. There are three social skills you need to improve on to leave a good first impression on someone.

1. Your Looks
Whether you consider it fair or unfair, the initial impression people form of you is your appearance. Ensure that what you wear is fitting for the occasion. For example, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to the beach as you would wear for a job interview. The key is to reflect good sense by avoiding extremes. Your dressing and grooming may be likened to an x-ray of what you are on the inside. People may shy away from meeting you if you dress outlandishly. A “well-arranged dress” shows you have “modesty” and soundness of mind.

2. Your Speech
What you say reveals whether you are humble, conceited, easygoing or desperate. To make a good impression on a member of the opposite sex, you really have to be careful and watch your speech . It irritates people when they are talking to you and all you do is talk about yourself. Don’t try to ask too many personal questions, it seems as though you wanted to know everything about them right away. That’s overwhelming and makes them to feel like running in the opposite direction. Your words provide a window through which others can see what you are truly like inside. You are likely to say the wrong things if you talk too much. Be sensible and watch what you say.

3. Your Actions
As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. For instance, if you are good-mannered, your action “say” that you have respect for others. If you are looking for a marriage mate, doing little things like holding the door open by male for their female counterparts shows respect. Your actions are like a billboard that displays your inner qualities and advertise you. Please note that making a good impression is not about putting on a façade, which essentially amounts to deception. Instead, determine the qualities you want to be known for and cultivate them from inside out.

By giving due attention to your appearance, speech and actions, you will make a good first impression that will last.

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