Backing Your Dreams With Commitment

According to Fred Smith, “You are the way you are because that’s the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be different, you would be in the process of changing it right now”.
You will certainly encounter some difficulties when you embark on a project. When these difficulties come, look for a solution to the difficulties. Without proper commitment, you will look for an escape from the problem and you will surely find what you are looking for.

In the pursuit of your dream, there will be some discouraging factors which will threaten your dream that may even force you to a point of abandoning it. The difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who were forced off their dream though with the same talent is the willingness to work toward achieving it. If you have a dream, let the dream have you.

Many people who fail to achieve their dream, fail not because of lack of ability but for lack of commitment. Commitment produces consistency, enthusiasm and reward.

Motivation gives you the “want to” Training “how to” and the combination produces the necessary creative ideas to be more effective in realizing your dream. Commitment, discipline and responsibility keep you going when the going gets tough.

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