Eight Principles To Live By To Achieve Success

People who set goals accomplish much more than people of equal education, ability and talent who don’t set goals. With that in mind, build these eight principles into your life.

1. Decide On What You Want: Knowing what you want to do gives you the direction to follow and how to go about it.

2. Think On Paper: Writing your goals down gives them a sense of permanency, plus it energies you. Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity. Wishy-washy objectives won’t get you where you want to go.

3. Establish A Deadline: Your goals should be set to a clear and specify deadline. Without a definite beginning and ending, it is easy to procrastinate and get nowhere. A deadline helps you to know how far you have gone in your goals.

4. Make A Checklist Of What You Need To Do: Create a pathway to actualizing your goals. Keep the checklist before you at all times; it will give you a track to run on.

5. Convert That List To A Plan: Decide what you need to do first and what you can do later. An organized plan is always better than trying to carry stuff around in your head.

6. Act Immediately: Search for opportunities, identify them when they present themselves and act promptly. Make most of every opportunity as it comes. Do something! A mediocre plan that is implemented beats a brilliant one that is not.

7. Do Something Everyday To Move You Forward: In other to get to your goals, create a systematic way of getting them done by doing something everyday. Build it into your daily schedule to create a habit out of your goals.

8. Have A Goal Your Are Willing To Devote Your Life To: Let your goals be mixed with passion for something you love and is willing to devote all your life to. You can hardly succeed in doing something you are not passionate about.

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