Postdoctoral Research in International Law at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

2 Postdoctoral researchers in International Law Through the Prism of National Courts at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Study Subject(s):International Law Through the Prism of National Courts
Course Level:Postdoctoral research
Scholarship Provider: University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Scholarship can be taken at: Netherlands

– a PhD in public international law
-excellent writing skills, fluency in English ‘New Checks and Balances at the Interface(s) between International and National Law’

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes

Scholarship Description: The Postdoctoral Researcher will carry out research within the project on International Law Through the Prism of National Courts, funded under the ECRP scheme of the European Science Foundation. He or she will be based at the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL), which collaborates in this project with the Universities of Berlin, Oslo, Vienna, Warsaw, Siena, and Tel Aviv. The project will explore the legal status and effects of decisions of national courts in the international legal order. The increasing reliance of the international legal order on national courts and the growing practice of national courts in applying international law raise the question whether the traditional principle that decisions of domestic courts are merely facts, still accurately captures the legal role and relevance of national court decisions in the international legal order. Among other things, the project intends to map and study the ways in which decisions of national courts influence the development of international law, the conditions under which they may or may not be considered as authoritative (such as impartiality), how the international legal order deals with the diversity of interpretations between national courts, the effects when national courts review or resist decisions of international courts and international organizations, and the implications for legal theory and doctrine.

How to Apply: Online

Scholarship Application Deadline: Before 1 September 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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