NAHCON reveals the cause of the landing accident of Boeing 747 Max Air carrying about 500 Muslim pilgrims at Minna airport

The Minna airport accident involving a MAX airline was caused by bad weather and poor airport condition, an official said.

Max Air Ltd, on arrival in Minna, Niger State, said heavy torrential rain with unstable winds affected the aircraft.

Ibrahim Dill, Director Flight Operation, Max Air Ltd in Abuja, also blamed the accident on the airport condition in a remark on Sunday.

The Boeing 747-400 aircraft with 5N-DBK registered arrived Minna from Jeddah.

The accident on Saturday involving the aircraft carrying 550 Muslim pilgrims.

The incident was verified by an official but did not provide detailed information.

Mr Dill said on Sunday that the airport landing facility system was epileptic with unreliable signals.

“Our pilots executed air approach, using their wealth of experience and knowledge of the terrain and environment to safe landing and stop on the runway, during which one of the engines slightly brushed the runway.

“This is due to complex landing manoeuvres occasioned by the strong downdraft, but the aircraft did not crash nor skid off the runway. Aircraft was taxied safely to the airport terminal and passengers disembarked without any problem.

“All required reports of the minor incident have been filed. Officials of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) have inspected both the aircraft and runaway and are satisfied,” it said.

Max Air Ltd reiterated its dedication to deliver secure and effective services within the Nigerian and International Aviation Regulations.

The National Hajj Commission’s head simply declined that the accident had happened in his response.

“The result of our findings showed that there is no such thing as emergency landing or crash landing of any plane in Minna involving pilgrims being transported back to Nigeria by the commission,” Abdullahi Muhammad told reporters.

”Some of the passengers we talked with on the issue even said they were hearing the purported news for the first time and that there was no such development as far as they were concerned,” Mr Muhammad said.

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