Rwanda, Germany enter deal on job creation, skills development

Following an arrangement signed yesterday in Kigali, Germany and Rwanda agreed to work together in the fields of job creation, abilities growth and investment.

The agreement was signed by a visit to Clare Akamanzi, Chief Executive of the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller and Chief Executive of the Rwanda Development Board.

The MoU describes the scheduled partnership with RDB under Germany’s new “Special Training and Job Creation Initiative,” which aims to assist the government in its attempts to achieve its reform agenda set out in its National Transformation Strategy (2017-2024).

The National Transformation Strategy of Rwanda seeks to create 1,5 million decent employment by 2024, slightly more than 200,000 off-farm employment per year.

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The private industry employs more than 90% of the workers, hence the need to develop appropriate abilities to meet employers ‘ requirements.

It is anticipated that the MoU will promote economic development in Rwanda and generate training and work opportunities, particularly for young individuals, with a perspective to driving the Rwandan economy towards middle-income status.

According to the Ministry of Public Service and Labor, the government is aiming to generate 235,525 additional employment in the present fiscal year.

The districts are anticipated to create some 197,495 work possibilities, while the National Employment Program (NEP) interventions will generate 38,030 employment by June next year.

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