Rwanda To Host First Ever Cybertech Conference In Africa

In March next year, Rwanda will host the first ever Cybertech Africa Conference and Exhibition in the midst of growing cyber security threats in Africa.

The first conference to be hosted in Africa will be organized by the Rwandan government in partnership with Cybertech and Israel Defense founder and editor-in-chief Amir Rapaport.

Amir Rapaport is one of Israel’s leading experts in the cyber, hi-tech and defense industries. Cyber conferences and exhibitions in Israel and around the world serve as an international dialog for leaders in the field and industry, as well as a leading display of Israeli and international innovation and technologies.

The Kigali conference will serve as an chance for respondents to learn about the recent technological developments, threats and solutions to combat threats in the cyber field, according to the Rwanda Convention Bureau – the country’s Meetings Incentives Conference Events (MICE) caretaker.

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Continuous advancement of information and communication technologies towards more advanced facilities and apps goes hand in hand with the increase of offences committed against or through the use of computer systems,  and Rwanda and Africa in particular have not been left out of the list of victims.

According to latest statistics, the African continent is showing one of the highest growth rates in internet penetration globally, with digital connectivity that has nearly tripled in the last five years.

In the same era, both governments and private sector organizations in Africa experienced an equally growing trend of cyber-attacks, in line with what was also recorded at the worldwide level.

Some of the assaults include, among others, theft of private information, computer intrusions, bullying, harassment, and other types of cyber violence, or internet sexual violence against kids. Other cyber attacks include economic scams.

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For example, statistics from Rwanda’s Central Bank announced that in 2017 alone, at least eight million cyberspace attackers tried to hack into Rwanda’s financial institutions and managed to enter one of the systems on several occasions, but stolen money was always tracked and retrieved.

According to the Rwanda Convention Bureau, during a meeting that brought together specialists in the cyber arena including finance, health, education, communication and aviation, the choice to host Cyber tech Africa conference in Rwanda was announced.

Speaking after the meeting, Nelly Mukazayire, CEO of the Rwanda Convention Bureau, expressed gratitude to Rwanda Ron Adam’s Israeli Ambassador for the efforts to host the conference in Rwanda.

“We are excited to announce that we shall be hosting the Cybertech Africa conference in Rwanda. We extend our gratitude to Ron Adam, the Israel Ambassador in Rwanda and Amir Rapaport, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Cyber Tech for choosing Rwanda as the host country of the first ever Cybertech conference in Africa,” she said.

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For Cybertech Founder Amir Rapaport, “It is a pleasure to bring CyberTech Africa – especially to Rwanda. I thank the government of Rwanda for accepting to host Cybertech in 2020 as this will be a great platform where many sectors benefit from the latest technology and innovations – given that Rwanda is moving towards the agenda of digitization.”

In 2017, Rwanda was pushed to cut the ICT Ministry’s Rwf3.8 billion to finance the development of a state-of-the- art cyber security agency.


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