Rwanda opens doors to African migrants stranded in Libya

Rwanda is set to receive thousands of African migrants stranded in detention centers in Libya.

The nation will begin to welcome migrants after providing to host 30,000 African immigrants stuck in Libya in 2017. The first 500 of these will quickly be permitted to travel to Rwanda as the nation moves to fulfill its promise thousands of migrants set for Rwanda.

Tens of thousands of African refugees are stuck in detention centers in Libya as a consequence of a contentious EU crackdown on Africans trying to enter Europe. According to countless reports from various human rights organizations, the EU is working with Libya to intercept ships and those on board are kept in terrible circumstances in Libyan detention facilities.

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Human Rights Watch is one of the organizations suggesting that EU policies are directly contributing to the abuse of migrants in Libya and enhanced fatalities among those losing attempts to reach Europe.

“The desperate situation in Libya is disturbing and we are prepared to provide support and sanctuary for our African brothers who are stuck in the immigration debacle in Libya, and who are willing to move to Rwanda,” President Paul Kagame said last year.

Rwanda is renowned for having one of the most open policies in the world to accept migrants and refugees.

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