Vintage mode fans revved up at ‘Shyuha Auto’ showcase

Over the weekend, the ‘ Shyuha Auto Show, ‘ which aimed to showcase various vehicle products, particularly the  vintage mode, returned in style to Kigali’s entertainment scene.

During the showcase, car and bike lovers showed off the job on their classic and antique cars from July 26- 28  at Petit Stade in Remera. The event, in its third edition, attracted viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

The show has been held twice since its inception last year, at the beginning of the year, and the other till the end of  the year, and according to the organizers, the turn-up has been on a steady rise.

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According to Robert Kayimbye, one of the show’s organizers, a number of changes have occurred since the show was first introduced in Rwanda.

The organizers given an interactive insight into the company of vehicles and motorcycles and entertained their guests with delicious snacks, beverages and music that kept them entertained throughout the show.

“First of all, the show was introduced to help bridge the gap between car sellers and buyers…not brokers. We also aimed at show casing the old types of cars that are not common in the country where you find that we had to get some from as far as Goma in the neighbouring country Congo,’’ he said.

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“However, it is not only the vintage cars that are showcased because if that was the case, we would only find like only six cars in the entire country,’’ he added.

He also noted that the turn- up has increased as people have the essence of the show, because it can be compared to an exhibition for motor vehicles where banks with motor vehicle loans, mechanics and fans meet and talk about cars, while the drivers of cars and bikers enjoy the music and skills.

“This is some sort of exhibition that brings together all people that are into the motor vehicle business such as banks, insurance companies, mechanics, traffic police, prospective car buyers, among others,’’ he said.

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Kayimbye also observed that this year’s edition has attracted a larger crowd because of the venue’s decision to host  the event. He said the past editions were held at the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC-Kicukiro).

Other event highlights included a concert and dance party with a motown theme.

The event ended Sunday, July 28.

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