Hollaport takes Nigeria’s financial technology sector by storm

Hollaport Technologies Limited, a Nigerian financial technology firm, has introduced a mobile phone application saying it would help bridge the gap in financial inclusion while offering messaging services.

Hollaport’s founder, Kabiru Rabiu, spoke at the unveiling in Lagos, saying the app will facilitate financial transactions for smartphone consumers in the nation.

The app can be found in the Google Playstore and the iOS Appstore

Mr Rabiu, who is the BUA Group’s executive director, said the application’s users could send and obtain cash through their mobile contacts.

Other features of the app, he said, include airtime upload ; cable, electricity, data subscription ; and paycode system that allows customers to withdraw money from the ATM without a card or bank account being required.

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He added that the app is a multi-layered platform that will develop into an extended platform for messaging and financial technology.

The CEO of Hollaport said that fresh characteristics will make it interesting and highly convenient to transfer cash and make payments not only in Nigeria but across the African continent.

He said financial inclusion is a significant problem in Nigeria, with about half of the adult population unbanked and only a fraction of the banked people in their transactions using technology.

Mr Rabiu said Hallaport Technologies is seeking to tackle this disconnect by decreasing the learning curve associated with mobile apps.

The business, he said, has taken time to create a lifestyle tool that can fit in all fields while retaining ease of use.

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He added that over 85 percent of Nigerian adolescents own a mobile device ; 103 million have active Internet subscriptions, and a significant percentage of this information volume has a presence on social media.

He said Hollaport aggregates immediate messaging characteristics with financial technology to guarantee that the app is as important as it is functional.

The company’s general manager, Michael Olowojesiku, said the firm will work assiduously to make the app accessible to Nigerian telephone users in all areas of the nation.

“Despite the simple interface, Hollaport is packed with features such as media functionalities where you can send photos, videos and documents. Users can request or send money within the chat area for a seamless experience and can also pay bills, utilities and make subscriptions,” he said.

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